Floyd Mayweather loves money more than God

I just finished watching a video posted by Adiana Vega, showing boxer Floyd Mayweather flaunting his bricks of $100 dollar bills on an airplane recently. “Wow” is all I can say about that scene. This guy just got out of jail for domestic violence again. It’s not the first time he’s been locked up. Every interview I’ve see of this guy is always the same, flashing jewelry, money, cars and his mansion in Vegas. Newsflash Floyd, congratulations on having more money than you’ll ever spend in this lifetime; but guess what-boxing is lousy these days, until you fight Manny Pacquiao, nobody will respect you or consider you an all-time great. Is this the image you want kids to act out and follow. You want them to think that life is all about the Benjamins?

Worst part is that today Manny Pacquiao, even after a loss, is so much more respected and revered than you-now that is amazing. He shows humility and class, in and out of the ring. You’ll go down in history as the cockiest most arrogant boxer of all-time, who was in and out of jail and never fought any quality opponents, Congratulations Floyd. I have an idea why don’t you go visit a children’s hospital or start a foundation for kids with cancer instead of buying the biggest, shiniest rings you can find. You still have time to change your legacy my man, why don’t you find it in your heart to thank God for all of the gifts he has blessed you and your family with, or do it on national TV, or better yet go to church and thank him in the quietness of his house.

I suggest you read the parable about the rich landowner who wanted to follow Jesus, when Jesus said “you must give up all of your riches before you walk with me” but the man couldn’t do this and went on his way. I would love to see you confronted with the same situation, or maybe you have been already? Good luck with your greed and love of money Mr. Mayweather, and remember “a camel has a better chance of going through the eye of a needle than a rich man does of getting into heaven”, God bless.

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