Derek Jeter was raised right

Derek Jeter was brought up by the New York Yankees in 1995, and ever since then he has been the poster child for class, consistency and decency; not only for the Yanks, but for Major league Baseball. Jeter was given the coveted #2; the significance of this is that single digits are reserved for legends. #3 Babe Ruth, #4 Lou Gehrig #5 Joe Dimaggio, #7 Mickey Mantle, you get the picture. Derek came into his own in 96′ helping the Yankees move onto their first World series in almost 20 years. Led by manager Joe Torre; whom Jeter referred to as Mr. Torre out of respect.

His parents are a doctor and a school teacher; so he learned discipline, respect and class at a young age. He is what you call squeaky clean as far as reputation. Handling any and every sitiuation that comes his way, for over 18 years in the majors, with dignity and professionalism. After legendary announcer Bob Sheppard past away a few years ago, Derek insisted that Mr. Sheppards’ recorded voice be used to announce his name, before every at bat at Yankee stadium, for the rest of his career. There’s something very regal every time I hear it “now batting #2 Derek Jeter,…. #2,” saids Jeter.

In this era of steroids and selfifh athletes having problems with the law, DJ is the most respected athlete in the world, period. When he walks in the room, all eyes are on him and everyone wants to be him. He’s the guy you want your daughter to marry and the guy you want to have a beer with after the game. He’s been blessed heavily by God and he shows his appreciation every night he steps on the field to shortstop for the Bronx Bombers.

By the way Derek has recently become #11 on the all-time hit list and is leading the majors in hits at age 38, while showing no sign of slowing down. Jeter is exactly 1000 hits short of Pete Roses’ all-time hits record and closing quickly. He has a charisma and cool demeanor about him that very few posses. He definitely does his parents proud on and off the field. Keep up the good work Mr. Jeter and keep playing the game like a little leaguer who loves baseball and life.

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