Greed and stupidity often go hand and hand, Melky

So the Melky Cabrera situation is the latest episode in major league baseballs’ bout with illegal substances and performance enhancing drugs. In this case it was an excessive amount of testosterone in his system. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he went so far as to create a fake website and tried to coax some web geeks into falsifying testimony, saying they sold him a product from that fake website. “It wasn’t what they advertised” was his defense. The scheme was meant to alleviate Melky of all responsibility or any wrong doing. Well this plan may have worked 10 years ago, but after the many federal cases against former baseball players such as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Mark McGwire, just to name a few; it failed big time. The other suspects involved in this cover-up scheme must have come to their senses, because they came clean before the fed put the squeeze on them, (smart fellas) leaving Melky hanging out to dry and holding the bag. So now on top of the 50 game suspension handed down by MLB, he may be looking at further headaches due to this combination of greed and stupidity.

I remember Cabrera playing for the Yankees a few years ago and I wasn’t impressed with his overall game. He misplayed flyballs and never came up big in key situations. I just didn’t like the guy as a New York Yankee. However he did show some improvement over a few years, before the Yankees traded him away, and that was that. Since the Philadelphia Phillies cut Melky from the roster in the preseason, I’m guessing that must be when he started taking heavy doses of testosterone. Because after 3/4 of a  season with the San Francisco Giants, I start seeing this guy on sports center every night  and hearing baseball fans talking about him at the poker tables I frequented. Next thing you know, at the 2012 all star game, Melky is leading the majors in hits and his batting average was somewhere around .350; I was shocked to say the least. Then he went out and won the MVP of the all star game, giving the National league a victory and the home field advantage in this years world series.

Ouch, was this another great player that the Yankees gave up on-too soon, I thought, as this is a problem the yanks have had in the past. But then this information about Melky came out last week and it all made sense, at least to me. I pride myself on evaluating talent through the television screen and having been a sports fanatic my entire life, I don’t get paid the millions that scouts and General Managers do, but this is a tool I use in making bets and arguing with other sports fans; stating whose better than who and why. I was right, I knew Melky was doing something abnormal or excessive in order to perform at such a high level, so fast. And the fact that he tried to cover up his wrong doing by making up this imaginary website, just goes to show you what these guys will do for big contracts and enhanced strength, speed and recovery time. But in the long run the bad guy gets caught-again. Didn’t this guy learn anything from Derek Jeter or Mariano Rivera? He should have learned that you can’t teach class and you don’t need PED’s to make the hall of fame. Both Jeter and Rivera are clean, natural, disciplined, hardworking athletes that set the standard for superior first class, rule abiding, excellence in their sport. He should have taken their lead, instead they got (milk)Y this time. Now watch his numbers when he comes back, and remember you heard it here first!

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