August means sports bettors wake from hibernation

Here we are again, mid to late August and baseballs’ regular season is coming to a close, pro football is in the preseason, and college football is getting ready for the regular season kickoff. This time of year is especially fun and filled with anticipation for the die-hard sports better. Post season baseball is the time of year when gamblers believe they have an edge, due to watching and following 162 games of the season, to gauge their expertise upon. So as far as betting goes there is ACTION every night. Nationally televised  games are now meaningful baseball games where every pitch counts. Kids are going back to school with vacations ending and the weather changing. This is the time of year that brings hope to the gambler who has been losing for years. He/she will watch Sports Center for trades and trends, while pray for a winning season. The betters’ year begins in September, the first week of September to be exact, and if you didn’t know this-ask the gambler in your life, he’ll tell you. To sports betters weekends in the fall are a time to escape from life. Studying stats, injuries and any other  information we can get our hands and ears on all week is followed by making educated projections on Saturday and Sundays. Throw in some baseball playoff games, week nights in September and October, and you have a gamblers paradise. The leaves are changing colors, the sun sets a little earlier and there are around 200 games, between baseball and football, with basketball right around the corner. August and beyond is truly the bookies prime time for income and action. Good luck to all my fellow sports betters out there and if you have a LOCK please let me know about it, because in my 25 years of gambling I’ve yet to find one that I would bet my life on. But just for the hell of it, bet the Yanks throughout the playoffs and world series, you can’t go wrong there, then take the under week 1 of college football between Notre Dame and Navy as the Irish will be starting a backup quarterback and Navy loves to run the ball; but won’t run much against ND. There it is, school is in session for gamblers, let the games begin.

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