Sports betting to a 12 year old

Being born and raised in New Jersey ‘in and around’ a family of athletes and sports fanatics, naturally there was  gambling and sports betting everywhere. As a 12 year old boy, who lived and breathed sports, I was introduced to the fascinating world of sports betting early. I lived in Trenton,NJ in the 80’s and 90’s, and in Trenton back then, there were a lot of guys with olive oil skin who would place bets for the average working man. A lot of my friends growing up had last names that ended in vowels, so I had the ability to collect 220 or 440 dollars together from a paper route or playing cards at the neighborhood game; and then go to my friends uncles house and hand over the 440 cash (which was every dime to my name) and I could bet this fortune on my favorite team which was playing that afternoon and it would take my mind into another world. A world of hope and dreams of acquiring money without actually working for it. At 12, you sometimes think you know it all and you see a point spread in the newspaper such as ‘Notre Dame -6 1/2 over Michigan State’ and remembering that the week before Michigan State just got pounded by Michigan by 40 and Notre Dame beat Air Force by 28, to me this was a no brainer. I can’t lose, this is A LOCK. So, 3 hours later and 4 Notre Dame turnovers later the final score reads, Michigan State 34-31. I lost somehow, someway. It can’t be, how do they play so good one week and become so error prone the next, how? That’s sports betting in a nutshell, or otherwise known as human nature.

Humans make mistakes, we get into good streaks and we get into funks, that’s being human. There’s no such thing as a LOCK. I mean if Buster Douglas was a 42-1 underdog to Mike Tyson and he knocked out Tyson in the 9th, then how can anything be predetermined? This is a lesson I have learned the hard way, being very competitive and basically eating and sleeping sports 247-my entire life; I’ve learned that anything and everything can happen. The momentum and outcome of a game can change on a single play or mishap. So at 41, I now have a better understanding of human behavior and nature. Is the quarterback hungover today? Or is the running back hiding an injury from the team so he can cash in on a bonus clause in his contract? These types of dynamics play a major role on the outcomes of games and point spreads. So when betting on sports make sure you do your research, bet what you can afford to lose; and it doesn’t hurt to say a prayer. Good Luck.

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