Atlantic City Bad Beat Frenzy

So as I walked through the Showboat casino in AC yesterday, I strolled past the poker room and saw a full room, people were wall to wall. I soon realized that the current bad beat jackpot was at a staggering $ 698,478. What that means is that everybody is trying to be a part of this enormous jackpot, from die hard degenerates to first timers in the poker room. How it works is one player must get four 2’s or better and another player at the same table must beat his/her hand with a bigger four of a kind, or an even stronger hand (straight flush or royal straight flush). If this happens, the player with the beaten hand receives 30% of the jackpot and the player with the winning hand receives 20% of the purse, while everyone else playing at that time, among the 4 Harrah’s owned properties, Showboat, Harrah’s, Ceasar’s and Bally’s, split the remaining 50%. With the jackpot so large it brings people out of the woodwork, this is especially true in this rough economy because it allows people to dream and possibly attain life changing money, without even playing poker at a high level of skill.

After leaving Showboat, I strolled through the Taj Mahal later that evening and saw on a big screen monitor that their bad beat jackpot was a whopping $400,000+. Thus explaining why their poker room was also buzzing and packed with all walks of jackpot hopefuls. These bad beat jackpots are excellent for these casinos and for struggling poker players up and down the east coast, who dare to dream of riches while enjoying and playing the game they love. Now excuse me while I go play a few hands of Texas Hold Em and maybe even hit the bad beat jackpot tonight, Good luck to all.

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